World of Warcraft: Glossary

When I started playing, I was totally bewildered by the number of acronyms and terms the players seemed to use.

So I started figuring them out, and listing them here. (Constantly updated)

In alphabetical order for ease of reference.

ABArathi Basin (a battleground where teams try to capture bases to control resources, one of my favourites)

  • includes GM (gold mine), F (farm), LM (lumber mill) and ST (stables) also GY (graveyard)

AV – Alterac Valley (a battleground where large teams compete for reinforcements, take over towers and try to defeat two bosses)

AH – Auction House (place near which many players will hang out and conduct business between raids and battlegrounds etc.

DPSDamage-per-second (also known as “damage” – a role that you assume during a dungeon, battleground, raid or group quest).

IOC – Isle of Conquest (battleground)

NPCNon-player-character (i.e. part of the game artificial intelligence, not a human player)

SW – Stormwind (human alliance capital city e.g. I’m in SW at the AH)

TB – Tol Barad (a battleground you can access from level 85 onwards – and also an area with daily quests just next to it)

TRANSMOG – The ability to make one piece of gear that looks like another (great for avoiding nasty looking gear) available for items ilvl 60 and up.

TRANSMOG RUN – group of players ‘run through’ a lower level instance in order to score gear that looks different and then use this for ‘TRANSMOG’

WG – Warsong Gulch (a battleground where you try and capture the flag from the opposing teams’ base and carry it back to your own)

  • You will see references to FC (flag carrier) and EFC (enemy flag carrier) in this battleground.

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